Our Waldorf Lenten Garden

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We follow Lent to follow him
A time of sacrifice and prayer
We give something we might desire
That his example we might share
- excerpt from a Lenten poem by Elena dal Friuil

In the night the children are convinced that the leprechauns brought them our new Lenten garden this year. This year once again Easter is early, so Lent began last week.

For the past 4 years we've made a Lenten garden of moss and other materials to help the children prepare their hearts for Easter. I wrote an article for Rhythm of the Home magazine about that celebration a few years back. My old blog post about it can be found here but without photos.

Here are some of the old photos of our Waldorf Lenten gardens from years past. 

This year I decided to do it again. I used an old woven tray, moss for the grass, blue rocks for the river, and a small pot for Christ's tomb. New this year however, for each of the 40 days of Lent a little red mushroom will appear- slowly making a path towards the tomb. Each day that kids are with me, we'll read from our Lent activity book and talk not only about Christ but also about our own hearts and how to better love one another. 

We are also getting ready for March and with that Saint Patrick's Day. I'll be incorporating him into Lent this year as well. Thanks to Mama Kopp we now have some Saint Patrick's figure for our nature table!! The kidlets and I are so pleased. You can find her shop here.

Until next time, love and light-

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