Making Time For Play

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tonight was such a fun evening. We played and played and played. Right now our playroom, which is in our finished basement, is quite cold! Virginia has quite a bit of snow on the ground. So since it's a bit nippy downstairs, we've been bring up our toys into the study to play with. 

This evening the kids wanted to play with the farm. But then the knights attacked and the jungle animals came to the rescue. This went on and on for some time. I love that the children are still playing with toys that they've has since they were toddlers, and they're showing no sign of out-growing them yet.

Brynna is just discovering creative cooperative play in full force. I love to watch her role playing. It is such a joy. It also is a joy to see them playing with things that I made for them. The farm mat, the knitted animals, and a few wooden one were made my yours truly. Even now, as I am now working and have less crafting time, it warms my heart. They also remember that "Mommy made this for me". Then they will fight about WHO I made it for before I reassure that I made it for ALL of them (even if one of them wasn't born yet at the time)! 

Ah, those goof balls. Once played ended, we ate dinner, baked a whole cake (Deirdre's request since we don't seem to eat cake often...hmmm...) and then snuggled before story time. I am going on 5 years of stories about David the Gnome and well I think I need some new material. I might have to read up on other gnomes stories.

Until next time... 
Love & Light,


  1. Lovely new blog and pics too of playtime

  2. wood toys are the best. Yup, I've said it before and hearing things like this only make my personal views stronger. Which ones did you make? They are all so lovely.


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