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Welcome again to this space. I am happy to have you. But I suppose we ought to get acquainted! 

Who is "Justice League"? Well that is a good question. Technically I, Nicole, am. Justice is my last name and was/is the name that I mostly go by and have gone by since my school days. My friend Joey in high school was the first one to call me Justice League and it has just been a fun nickname since then. That was until my children got older. When they figured out my nickname, they adopted it as our family nickname. So our little quartet became referred to by them as the Justice League. So naturally Justice League Headquarters became the name for our home. We I live there with my sister, so we include her and a few others who don't live with us, like my partner Liam, in the mix as well. 

Who are my little people? Well I am a Mommy to three kidlets, Miss Deirdre (8 in December), Mister Jonas (6 next February), and Miss Brynna (3 in April). They are the lights of my life. I just love them so. I was incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with them all for close to 7 years before going back to work. Two of those years I formally home-schooled them. While I miss that part if our lives immensely, I also am enjoying the new life we have. It is healthier, more stable, and more blessed than I could have ever imagined. 

During those years was when I first began blogging, I fell in love with Waldorf Education while completing my Master's degree in Teaching. Waldorf came to shape my mothering, home life, and educating. It's rhythm and community has carried us through so much. It deepened my faith as well. While I no longer home school and my children go to traditional schools, it is still very much apart of our daily life and mommy afterschooling. I cannot recommend it enough. 

You might have stumbled upon us before at my old blog, Doting on Deirdre. I loved that place and I still adore it. But it was time for a move. My children are older. I am not just doting on Deirdre, but Jonas and Brynna too. Moreover, my life has changed... for the better. The blog, even with all the happiness I was able to cling to amid a very dark situation, reminds me of that hard time. The move to this place has helped me have a greater degree of separation from those bad memories, and with that comes more healing. 

I am sure one day I will want to write about all of that more. Right now is not that time. There is some more about it on the old blog if you are curious (most of my old photos are gone on it as well due to old joint accounts). But it boils down to an unhealthy, addictive, abusive situation that I ultimately chose to walk away from after trying to fix during 15 months of painful soul ripping therapy, to no avail. The proudest day of my life was when I left. It is amazing when you become a parent how your children shape your decisions. I ultimately looked to them and thought of what I was teaching them about love and marriage if I stayed, and that thought disturbed me. That as women my daughters should be alright with being treated as I was. That is wasn't wrong. And to my son that he should treat his wife and other women that way. That is was alright to objectify them...and that was it for me. After all the therapy and teetering, my line in the sand was them. 

That day was also the scariest day of my life, but oh so liberating. It is amazing how when you're brave, chose health, and live in a way that honors your soul- what then God will manifest in your life. The kids and I have been blessed since then, more so than I could have ever imagined. It just awes me every day. 

So this is where you find us. A working mother with three rays of light. I have the best job ever. I get to live and work in Colonial Williamsburg. Our house is immense and beautiful, oh wait and it was built in 1753. My children go amazing schools. We have a phenomenal church (Bruton Parish) and extended family/village here. It puts a smile on my face daily.

So thank you for stopping by. Enjoy and stay awhile. This year will be a huge year of change for us. I can't wait to share it!

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